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  • CONGRATULATIONS to both Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony for earning STRAIGHT SUPERIOR ratings at State MPA! The Buchholz band program was awarded the Otto J. Kraushaar Award for a 16th consecutive year!!! See judges' sheets:
Wind Symphony judges' sheets
Stephen Bolstad - Alfred Sergel - Robert Foster

Symphonic Band judges' sheets
Stephen Bolstad - Alfred Sergel - Robert Foster

Listen to Wind Symphony at State MPA (4/23/14): Listen to Symphonic Band at State MPA (4/23/14):
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Buchholz band students who earned 67 Superior medals at State Solo & Ensemble MPA, including 7 Superiors with Distinction, plus straight Superior ratings for Jazz Band!
    See complete Jazz Band ratings.
    See ratings for all Buchholz S & E events.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to the Buchholz Wind Symphony on a phenomenal week of performances which culminated with a very impressive appearance at the ABA Convention!

Wind Symphony at ABA National Convention (March 6, 2014)

Watch the performance on our Media page!
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony for earning Straight SUPERIOR ratings at District MPA! See complete ratings.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to all of our choirs, Aviance Dance Ensemble, and Jazz Band for earning Superiors - see list below!
  • Flute Choir - SUPERIOR
  • Clarinet Choir - SUPERIOR
  • Brass Choir (SYM) - SUPERIOR
  • Brass Choir (WS) - SUPERIOR
  • Percussion Choir (SYM) - SUPERIOR
  • Percussion Choir (WS) - SUPERIOR
  • Aviance Dance Ensemble - SUPERIOR
  • Jazz Band: SUP - SUP - SUP = SUPERIOR
In all, Buchholz band students earned 190 Superior medals and 13 Excellent ratings at District Solo & Ensemble MPA!

See ratings for all Buchholz events!

2013 Class 4A State Champions (Nov. 23, 2013)

Buchholz won BEST MUSIC, BEST PERCUSSION, and 1st PLACE OVERALL at the State Marching Band Championship Semifinals Competition as one of the five Class 4A bands to qualify for the evening Finals Competition. In Finals, in addition to BEST MUSIC, the Golden Regiment also won BEST GENERAL EFFECT and was named 2013 Class 4A STATE MARCHING BAND CHAMPION! In fact, in a field of 90 total bands across all classifications (1A - 5A) from around the state, the Golden Regiment not only won its class, but also outscored every other band except for the 5A State Champion Band which finished just a point ahead of Buchholz! Congratulations Buchholz Golden Regiment on this historical accomplishment!!!

Listen to ending commentary from all 5 of the Music judges:

2013 FMBC Regional Grand Champions (Nov. 9, 2013)

After winning BEST MUSIC, BEST VISUAL, BEST GENERAL EFFECT, BEST PERCUSSION, BEST DRUM MAJORS, and 1st PLACE BAND in the Class 4A Preliminary Competition with the highest rating of Distinguished Superior from EVERY judge, the Golden Regiment put on an electric performance at the evening Finals Competition winning the GRAND CHAMPION AWARD with a school-record high score of 94.65! Buchholz won OVERALL MUSIC and VISUAL in the Open Class Finals with top scores in ENSEMBLE MUSIC, INDIVIDUAL MUSIC, GE MUSIC, ENSEMBLE VISUAL, and INDIVIDUAL VISUAL. Buchholz Percussion also came in 1st PLACE with a score of 94.50 while Aviance also broke 90 with a 92.0! Congratulations Golden Regiment - you just keep getting stronger!

2013 BOA Super Regional (Oct. 26, 2013)

Congratulations to the Golden Regiment for earning a Superior rating and coming in 4th Place in Class at its first-ever BOA Super Regional! Thirty-nine of the top marching bands in the nation from GA, AL, AR, LA, OK, NC, SC, TN, OH, TX and FL made up a field of bands which included Grand National Champions and many Regional Grand Champions from the respective states. Buchholz was only 3.85 points away from being in Finals - had we come in 3rd in Class instead of 4th behind Ft. Mill, SC, we would have been a Finalist band! This was an outstanding experience for our band and a solid step onto the national marching band stage by Buchholz!

2013 Southern Showcase of Champions (Oct. 12, 2013)

At its first competition of the season, the Golden Regiment earned 1st Place honors in all Class 4A categories and was named 1st Runner-up Overall in Finals at the 2013 Southern Showcase of Champions. Buchholz garnered multiple awards including:

BEST Overall Music
BEST Overall Brass
BEST Overall Woodwinds
BEST Percussion in Prelims
(came in 2nd by .5 in Finals)

The Golden Regiment earned Distinguished Superior ratings (the highest possible) in the following categories:

Ensemble Music
Individual Music
General Effect Music
Ensemble Visual
Individual Visual
Drum Majors

The remaining categories (General Effect Coordination and Color Guard) earned high Superior ratings.

The Golden Regiment needed to earn at least an 81.0 to earn a block score and top seeding at the FMBC State Marching Band Championship Semi-Finals to be held in the Tropicana Dome in St. Petersburg on November 23rd. With a score of 86.85, Buchholz surpassed the minimum block score by almost a full 6 points! Congratulations Golden Regiment!!!

Great job performing the entire show for the first time!

Thanks to the 150 middle school students who were our guests for the Buchholz 2013 Middle School Bands Extravaganza! Click on Prospective Students for photos, videos and info about BHS Band!

Great job at Game #2 ... see more photos!

Great Rehearse-a-thon ... see more photos!

Outstanding Band Camp Golden Regiment!

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