Chaperone Guidelines

Sign up online to chaperone by clicking here. The password is band.

The support and assistance of parent chaperones is necessary to the success of band activities. A parent's involvement demonstrates a caring and willingness to actively support their child in his/her musical endeavors. They should receive utmost RESPECT and COURTESY at all times.

Chaperones are expected to support the philosophy of the program as stated by the Director. Chaperones will ride on the buses and stay with the band during the entire activity. Anyone who volunteers to be a chaperone accepts certain responsibilities as "away-from-home parents" and will be expected to carry out assigned duties. Punctuality is necessary. Chaperones are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages immediately before or during band activities or trips. Smoking is not allowed. All rules and guidelines are made with the safety and welfare of the band members in mind.

What to Bring
 Bring rain gear/poncho, Band Booster Polo Shirt, khaki pants. Sneakers or similar closed-toe shoes required.

What to Expect
 If you have signed up to help chaperone, the Chairperson typically calls the week prior to the game or event.

 Report to the school. You will be assigned a bus, given a name tag and pertinent instructions at that time.

 A reminder -- courteousness and friendliness toward all officials/guests/hosts/band parents is expected whenever you're representing the Band.

 Band members take care of most routine items themselves. Chaperones will be asked to help with uniform problems, hand out/collect hat plumes, tape sleeves, set up Band signs in the stadium, rope off designated Band area, sit with the Band to help insure the safety of our students and assist otherwise, as needed.

 You MUST remain with the group. DO NOT wander off or leave the group without checking with the Head Chaperone.

Duties & Responsibilties
 Report on time and pick up your chaperone badge from the Chaperone Chairperson. Bus and duty assignments will be made at this time. Turn in chaperone badge at event's end.
 There will normally be two to four chaperones on each bus.
 Stop all conversation during roll call. A student officer will take roll and report to the Director on Bus 1.
 See that all BHS Band rules are followed. Basic rules appear in the band handbook. The Chaperon Chairperson will provide more specific rules, as needed.
 While the band is out of the stands (performing or during third-quarter break) some chaperones will stay to watch the seating area, while most will help with equipment.
 There will be no food, drink, or gum in the band seating area except for the coolers of ice water.
 Individual permission for a student to leave the seating area may only be granted by the Director.
 The band will not leave the seating area until instructed to do so by the Director. Restrooms can be used during third quarter when the band is dismissed for break.
 After the band has left the seating area at the end of the game, check to be sure that all trash is picked up and put in garbage bags, and that no items have been left behind.
 For safety reasons, when leaving a football game, close all bus windows and keep them closed until the bus is several blocks away from the stadium.
 When the students have left the buses at the conclusion of a trip, check to be sure that the bus is neat and clean, that all windows are up, and that no belongings have been left behind.
 If you have a problem with any student failing to follow directions or showing disrespect, see the Director immediately. The role of a chaperone is to guide and assist. The Band Director will handle all discipline problems.
 If a student becomes ill enough (in the opinion of a chaperone) to warrant calling his/her parents, the Band Director will be informed of the situation and will be responsible for contacting and discussing the problem with the parents. If there is such a problem, see the Director!
 Please be reminded that your children who are not band members are not to be brought with you when you chaperone. If you have any questions concerning chaperoning, or to volunteer to chaperone, please contact the Chaperone Chair whose name appears on the Band Booster Board of Directors list in the band handbook.