Below is a list of the fundraising activities offered during the 2016-17 school year. Each year the Booster Organization chooses a mix of general and individual (Fair Share) fundraisers in order to reach our financial goals. (i.e. pay student Fair Share; cover instrument, uniform and equipment purchases and repairs; help with travel expenses; etc.) We hope you will consider participating in some way so that our students can enjoy all the benefits of a strong Band program!

Fundraising can be challenging but it can also be fun with the right attitude and enthusiastic Volunteers. Please consider becoming more involved by volunteering as a chairperson for one of the fundraisers. If you chair a fundraising committee, it does not mean that you will be working on that fundraiser alone! What it DOES mean is that you will be able to work with other band parents who will assist you, and the more volunteers we have, the more successful our band program will be! If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact Linda Meling, 2nd Vice President (Fundraising).


Academic Planners - August 11-20 - General Fundraiser
Chairperson: OPEN
  • Place order for fall planners in May based on last year's sales.
  • Recruit volunteers for sales during orientation and first 2 weeks of school.
  • Work with front office and teachers to advertise sale of planners.
  • Report earnings to the treasurer and track any leftover inventory.

    Rehearse-a-Thon - August 20-29 - Fair Share Fundraiser
    Chairperson: OPEN
  • Prepare information letter to distribute to students during Band Camp
  • Contact, via email, students' potential sponsors, provided by students
  • Follow up, via email, with potential sponsors one week later

    Cheesecakes & More - Aug 30-Sept 16 - Fair Share Fundraiser
    Chairperson: OPEN
  • Work closely with the company representative
  • Label packets for distribution to students.
  • Place the order using the forms supplied by the company.
  • Coordinate delivery and possibly temporary refrigeration.

    PDQ Discount Card Sales - Sept. 26-Oct. 10 - Fair Share Fundraiser
    Chairperson: OPEN
  • Order PDQ gift cards from store manager/request check from Booster treasurer
  • Update student order forms and coordinate with Band Director for distribution
  • Distribute cards to students once order forms and money have been turned in.
  • Turn in financial summary to the band treasurer with a Fair Share report

    CherryDale Winter Catalog sale - Oct. 26-Nov. 8 - Fair Share Fundraiser
    Chairperson: OPEN
  • Work closely with the company representative
  • Collect order packets at end of sale/place order with CherryDale rep
  • Recruit volunteers for product distribution
  • Turn in financial summary to the band treasurer with a Fair Share report

    Gift bricks on the wall - year round - General fundraiser/endowment fund
    Chairperson: Beverly Brady Chairperson: Michelle Bowers
  • Communicate with vendor and principal.
  • Advertise
  • Maintain database of BHS alumni
  • Place orders and organize installation upon delivery

    Gatornationals March 2017, 5AM - 1PM - Fair Share Fundraiser
    Chairperson: OPEN
  • Communicate with event sponsors to assure that we know what they need for the year.
  • Recruit and contact volunteers to assure that we meet our obligation.
  • Orient and supervise the event to assure that all involved do quality work and there are no injuries.
  • Record student earnings and report them to the treasurer.

    3rd annual "A Taste for Music" dinner dance fundraiser - date TBD - General fundraiser
    Chairperson: OPEN
  • Schedule event and reserve facility
  • Recruit committee
  • Plan dinner and entertainment
  • Oversee event and report earnings to the band treasurer